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A. Short And Very Easy. Method Of Prayer which all can practice with the greatest facility, and arrive in a short time by its means, at a high degree of perfection by.
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Prophetic for the 21st century were Guyon's challenging words spoken to the pastors and teachers of her day: On the contrary, few and transient fruits must attend that labour which is confined to outward matters; such as burdening the disciple with a thousand precepts for external exercises, instead of leaving the soul to Christ by the occupation of the heart in him. O when once the heart is gained , how easily is all moral evil corrected! It is, therefore, that God above all things requires the heart.

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It is the conquest of the heart alone that can extirpate those dreadful vices which are so predominant, such as drunkenness, blasphemy, lewdness, envy, and theft. Jesus Christ would become the universal and peaceful Sovereign and the face of the church would be wholly renewed. The decay of internal piety is unquestionably the source of the various errors that have arisen in the church; all which would speedily be sapped and overthrown should inward religion be re-established.

A Short and Easy Method of Prayer by Jeanne Marie Bouvier de la Motte Guyon - Free at Loyal Books

O how inexpressibly great is the loss sustained by mankind from the neglect of the interior life! Feb 08, Matt Hancock rated it liked it. Some good thoughts on prayer, but more experiential than biblically based and hard to follow.

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  5. The author also presents a skewed understanding of sanctification overemphasizing surrender to God and letting Him do all the work to the neglect of our part of "working out our own salvation. The Pathway of Prayer by Chadwick. Nov 29, Becki rated it it was amazing. When I read Madame Guyon's autobiography years ago, I struggled to reconcile her joy with the pain and sorrow she endured. I have rarely heard such a sad life story. I understand it better now. She found God in her struggles.

    Short and Easy Method of Prayer

    She discovered His love. And became an expert on prayer. Now that I've read this book, I appreciate all that she learned because she has taken me deeper into a life with God. I look forward to meeting her in heaven. I think we'll have some good conversations. After reading the first seven chapters, I skimmed the rest of the book.

    Having read several other books by Jeanne Guyon, I found this one was much like the others, meaning I probably would have liked it if it was all new to me. Nov 04, Sam rated it liked it. Talks about self-love and the self. How to become closer to God we need to learn to deny ourselves. Also mentions the matter of meditating on His word and praying His word. Focus on quality of prayer - until the soul has no feeling then move on. Written by French mystic Jeanne-Marie Bouvier de la Motte-guyon , this is a translation of her work which was eventually banned by the Church.

    It describes her method of connecting with God which was also eventually seen as heretical. Starts off well enough but veers off course. Three or four stars for writing style, but dropped from two stars to one star for content in the last few minutes of listening to this audiobook. It is a tragedy that Guyon is not more widely read and respected. Now I need to read what her opponents had to say.

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    Sep 21, Mac rated it really liked it. I can see this author had a great influence on those after her. An inviting and honest introduction into the idea of surrendering to Christ. Kelsie Lambert rated it really liked it Nov 25, Erik rated it really liked it Apr 16, Paula rated it it was amazing Jul 21, Mike rated it it was amazing Apr 24, Nov 09, Stephen Drew marked it as to-read. Debi rated it liked it Sep 18, Apr 15, James Rhodes rated it really liked it. An interesting insight into to personal spirituality.

    Jonathan rated it liked it Oct 20, Josiah rated it it was amazing Jul 11, Michael rated it liked it Jan 15, Esther Mirembe rated it really liked it Jun 23, Abby rated it it was amazing May 09, Kimberly Baltzley rated it really liked it Nov 03, Olea Nel rated it really liked it May 03, Steve Bremner rated it it was amazing Jul 29, It is an area many parts of the body of Christ have overlooked, which has truly hindered our spiritual growth and the advancement of God's kingdom in the earth today. Lake walked with the Holy Spirit and sought after him ever so carefully.

    He was a man of study and wanted to know how God healed the sick and how Christ worked through man by the Spirit's involvement. Is humility a Christlike attribute that should be pursued? And even if it should be, can genuine humility actually be attained? Often so practical in application that it is overlooked, the answer is found by studying the life and words of Christ whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your slave.

    This little book is a loud call to all committed Christians to prove that meekness and lowliness of heart is the evidence by which those who follow the meek and lowly Lamb of God are to be known. John of the Cross, addresses the feeling of being forgotten by the Presence of the Almighty that every Christian desirous of walking more closely with God must pass through in order to learn to walk by faith and not by sight.

    A Short and Easy Method of Prayer

    What is the missing link to a glorious church? Can it be the lack of "full knowledge and all perception that ye may prove [or, distinguish] the things that differ" literal translation? Certainly spiritual discernment is the pressing need of today. How can we obtain this full knowledge of God?

    Where do we get spiritual discernment that we may know the things which differ or are more excellent? These are the matters which brother Watchman Nee tried to address during his latter years of ministry. Many believers today yearn for an encounter with the supernatural. Joshua Mills believes that all Christians are intended to live, move, and operate within what he calls "glory realms". Now Joshua opens up God's glory by explaining the different realms, spheres, and dimensions of the kingdom. He systematically builds a faith framework in which the listener can begin to move into the glory of God with ease.

    The School of the Seers is the how-to guide for seeing into the spirit realm. With the addition of three new chapters, including a small group study guide, this best-selling book is sure to excite listeners worldwide. As a teacher and seer himself, author Jonathan Welton raises the standard for walking in wisdom, character, and power. Carrying a revelatory forerunner anointing, he imparts fresh new understanding and kingdom perspectives for every believer.

    Leonard Ravenhill's call to revival is as timely now as it was when it was published over 50 years ago.

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    The message is fearless and often radical as he expounds on the disparity between the New Testament church and the church today. Why Revival Tarries contains the heart of his message. AW Tozer called Ravenhill "a man sent from God" who "appeared at [a] critical moment in history", just as the Old Testament prophets did. Included are questions for group and individual study. Authority is a tremendous thing in the universe, nothing overshadows it. God's throne is established on His authority. God's authority represents God Himself. God alone is authority in all things; all the authorities of the earth are instituted by God.

    It is therefore important for us who desire to serve God to know the authority of God. This unique system of translation allows the reader to more completely and clearly grasp the meaning as it was understood in the original Hebrew and Greek languages. This little audiobook is hard to swallow. Tozer teaches plainly who the Spirit is and why we should desire him but why few of us do. He instructs us in how to be filled with the Spirit but first poses this question: Do you really want to be filled?

    Faith is an amazing thing. The Lord Jesus said if we would have faith as a mustard seed, we could tell a mountain to be removed - even have it cast into the sea. Few men have shown this to be true like Smith Wigglesworth. I believe God raised this man up for us to see the possibilities that faith brings in a world of doubt and sickness. It is no small thing to perform a miracle, but God in us can do such a thing.

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    8. This little book, A Short and Easy Method of Prayer , was written for a few individuals who wanted to love God with their whole hearts by Madame Guyon, a celebrated French mystical writer of the Quietist school. This book gives simple instructions in contemplative prayer, or prayer without words or distinct ideas. It also encourages listeners to accept all things as from God's hand. At the time of printing, which was a rather stormy era in France's religious history, the work resulted in Madame Guyon being both attacked and defended by some of the most brilliant writers of her day, even resulting in her imprisonment for a time.

      The work continues to attract strong defenders and critics, but many find in it a fruitful way to seek God. Madame Guyon Narrated by: