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Six degrees of separation is the idea that all living things and everything else in the world are of connections, rather than their existence. The theory of three degrees of influence was created by Nicholas A. Christakis and James H. Fowler.
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But even though there are seven levels, there are really three degrees.

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Number one is physical. Physical objects are separated in time and space.

When one moves closer or farther away, the level of separation is exactly the same for both objects. Not necessarily so in the second degree. In relationships, one person can feel very close and connected to another while the other party remains cold and aloof, or perhaps even oblivious. Parents generally always feel emotionally connected to their children even though the child may be physically distant across the country somewhere and never calls.

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Which reminds me I have to call my mother. The third degree is spiritual. The Kaballah tells us that similarity of spirits equals closeness. How many pixels of separation?

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Last I checked, the popular saying of six degrees of separation was reduced to three. If that remains correct, then the Harvard study is wrong. If the Harvard study is correct, then what is the purpose of social networking if nobody can be connected to everybody?


I saw that article earlier. I think that finding can be safely extrapolated beyond the original study conditions.

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How many out there think you can persuade , people to do anything? I am accepting paypal contributions But of course the study measured propensities therefore actual propagation impact is considerably less than , Many people are trying to capitalize on the social graph.

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That's over trillion potential contacts in your network at the sixth level of separation. And that's how Kevin Bacon could network with the Pope. As we talked about in The Strength of Weak Ties , the actual number of potential contacts is reduced by overlap. But the formula is still a strong oneā€”the greater the number of levels of separation, the more likely that your network will include your target.

So if you have a specific contact or an employer you would like to target, use your network to reach out to up to three degrees of separation to make a connection. Because the network connections lose strength as the degrees of separation increase.