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go to the dogs definition: 1. If a country or organization is going to the dogs, it is becoming very much less successful than it was in the past. 2. to become much.
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The British Greyhound Racing Board, who use www. The expression had long been known with its 'go to rack and ruin' meaning. The addition to the language of the new meaning was referred to explicitly in The Daily Mail , in July Since greyhound racing at the White City Of course, what originally went to the dogs wasn't a punter wanting a night out but anything decayed and worthless that wasn't fit for humans, particularly food.

This usage was well enough established by the late 18th century for it to have become a metaphorical expression; for example, The London Review of Literature , , included a play called Germanicus, A Tragedy:. Sirrah, they are prostitutes, and are civil to delude and destroy you; they are painted Jezabels, and they who hearken to 'em, like Jezebel of old will go to the dogs; if you dare to look at 'em, you will be tainted, and if you speak to 'em you are undone.

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That figurative meaning must have been preceded by the literal meaning of giving food that wasn't fit for humans to dogs. Banking and finance Bank products and services Bank profiles Banking and finance vocabulary Hospitality and Tourism Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Giving information: Literature EAP for the 21st century learner.

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