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Our goals are the same: This is quite a juggling act, to be sure. I believe parents in the Arab world and the West, indeed parents around the world, can more effectively help each other if we see our common concerns. I was privileged to attend, in the last category, as a parenting educator.

So, how do communities -- and entities in communities, especially businesses -- support families. In many cases, not that well! How can a company assess its practices in this area?

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Chinchilla said, "offers the International Family Responsible Employer Index IFREI , a research tool now used in more than 23 countries to track data on formal policies, leadership styles and culture of a company's working environment. Companies' practices either help or hinder employees in achieving work-family balance. Moving from negative to positive on the IFRE Index involves corporate leaders seeing the family as a support beam, not a stumbling block, for women's -- and men's - advancement in the workplace. Just as important, the change in mindset involves seeing family as a support also for business success.

I noted few business leaders in attendance, however, and they are the ones who need to hear this message. Considering families where parents are under- and un-employed, Catherine Bernard, of the Service and Research Institute on Family and Children SERFAC , like other speakers, urged policymakers and practitioners to take an intergenerational approach. What does intergenerational solidarity look like? The Doha Call to Action outlines how youth, adults and older persons can support each other, and how each of us can and should be supported, in our family roles and thereby contribute to advancement of all.

Reconciling family life and professional life will require good opportunities for parental leave vacation, but also more day nurseries or nursery assistants and home helps. Access to housing, now an essential part of the family budget, will become more difficult if householders are unable to meet rent payments.

The emerging countries, in the battle against the informal economy, and within the framework of a global construction of social welfare, will be forced to think about ways and means to assure a fair social redistribution. In conclusion, if we know enough about how to take monetary measures for social redistribution, could we now consider the possible positive effects of social cohesion resulting from providing services and facilities?

2012 Workshops

The Tavistock Centre for Couple Relations. Before training as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist, she worked for many years with troubled adolescents. She has published on a range of issues to do with couples and families and teaches and lectures internationally. Leezah Hertzmann is both a couple and individual psychoanalytic psychotherapist based at the Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships, where she is head of the Parenting Together Service.

Prior to this, she was Child Mental Health Adviser to the Department of Children, Schools and Families in the UK, working on the development of policies and practice in the area of family mental health in educational settings. Her previous experience includes working as Research Psychotherapist at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust, on a number of published research studies, investigating and developing interventions for parents and children.

She has a particular interest in the role of conflict in family life and the development of psychological interventions to address this.

Workshops – ICCFR

The Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships, founded in , is renowned as a centre of excellence for research, training and clinical services aimed at the needs of adult couples. As part of our clinical services, since we have been developing a service for parents who are in chronic conflict about parenting styles and issues and who have had or are continuing to have involvement with the family justice system over the care of and contact with their children. The aim of the therapy is to develop and strengthen the parenting alliance by reducing manifest anger between the parents, hence ameliorating the harmful effects of ongoing, poorly resolved, child-focused conflict.

High conflict between parents, particularly when it is focused on the child, produces poor outcomes for children Dunn, ; Cummings and Davies, ; Harold, Shelton, Goeke-Morey and Cummings, While there are many agencies who will offer help to the children whose parents are in conflict, solicitors, clinical psychologists, social workers and other professionals are anxious to find help for the parental couple when mediation is not an appropriate or effective solution.

The UK Department for Education is currently funding a randomised control trial of the intervention, which is about to get underway. Mentalisation Based Therapy has been evaluated as effective with a variety of patient populations, particularly those patients suffering from borderline personality disorder. The model of intervention is particularly suited to couples engaged in high levels of conflict, as they are frequently in highly aroused and poorly regulated states of mind.

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This workshop will explore the challenges of working with these parents and couples and the particular clinical difficulties posed to clinicians. Our model of intervention will be described and routine evaluation of service effectiveness and user participation feedback presented. Family therapist, psychologist, psychotherapist. Has worked on three continents. Eleven years in Hoyerswerda in East Germany, a heavily deindustrialised, surface-coal-mining community. Now based in Dresden, Saxony, he is a consultant to family courts in cases of extra-high conflict involving children or adolescents.

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  • Interest in evolving alternate paths of conflict resolution. This presentation will give an outline of a special framework within which to work with family courts and social agencies in a community. A growing number of family courts in Germany are asking expert witnesses to consult in a solution-oriented way with parties struggling before the court over their children. This applies, at the discretion of the judge, in cases of extra-high conflict. Consultation happens outside the court or directly during court proceedings with the judge, lawyers, the struggling parties, the Youth Department and often others present.

    Two approaches to supporting parents in prison. She is the author of Where the Heart Listens: In his current position as Director of Appeals, Andrew Cohen oversees the work of the member CAFL appellate panel, conducts trial and appellate training and maintains a small trial and appellate caseload. He has authored articles and book chapters on evidence, parent representation and child welfare trial and appellate practice.

    An inmate at MCI-Norfolk for 15 years, he was granted parole in He credits his productive re-engagement in society to the support he received while in prison. Robert Wojcik worked with both Andrew Cohen and Eve Sullivan on bringing their respective programmes to incarcerated parents. COIP continues to provide school supplies — and now play supplies — for children with parents in prison. Bob is a strong advocate for provision of parenting resources to incarcerated parents. Effective family law is of concern to incarcerated parents and is vital to the well-being of their children. This workshop will discuss two approaches to supporting parents in prison.

    Many incarcerated men and women file cases each year in efforts to see their children and deal with child support issues. Do you already have iTunes? Click I Have iTunes to open it now. Where the Heart Listens: View More by This Author. Description Parents Forum is based on thoughtful examination of eight original questions about family life issues.