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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Denver C. Snuffer, Jr. is an attorney living in Sandy, Utah. He has an Associates of Arts Degree from Daniel Webster Junior.
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As well as provides the ordinances. As a person does this the Lord will then show them more that they need to do. Denver Snuffer is no Samuel the Lamanite, either; and quite honestly it triggers little alarm bells for me that his readers would even make such a comparison. People managed to get their calling and elections made sure, and even ulp!

As to the underlying topic: I guess the question I keep asking myself is, "what would I do with a visit from the Savior, if I had one? To my detriment, if the Savior offered what Snuffer offers at this point in time then I - like Peter of old - would be forced to say "depart from me, O Lord, for I am a sinful man. Seems to me that the blessing we ought to be seeking in this life in the short term, anyways isn't the Second Comforter -- Jesus is not an acrobat who puts on shows for those willing to pay the price of admission.

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Rather, the blessing we should be seeking is, as Peter himself taught, to make our calling and election sure. If I can get myself to that point, I trust that in time the Savior will reveal Himself to me in whatever way He deems appropriate. The point isn't to make a personal visitation happen. The point is to be living in such a way that we have become the kind of people to whom it could happen. I find it interesting that the prophets of the BoM referred to the veil as the "veil of unbelief.

But one must study out for himself why. The best thing about Denver Snuffer is that he takes very literally some teachings that many outside the Church discount altogether and that some inside the Church seek to make figurative somehow. For example, can we see Christ and stand in his presence while in this mortal state? Yes, we most certainly can, though most of us will not and nor will we be condemned for not having done so. This is not a sweet dream or a holy lie, it is reality. But for my taste, Snuffer seems altogether too taken with his own brilliance and spiritual insight as he considers it.

Calling Church leaders to repentance, whether done openly or veiled, is outside our stewardship, and is skating dangerously close to the line of apostasy if not well past it. Peter doesn't urge us to satisfy our desires for a sign by somehow binding Jesus into appearing to us personally.

He urges us to make our calling and elections sure. I'm not as concerned about the messenger as I am the message.

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Somehow I doubt that Snuffer has legions of fans going ga-ga for him merely because of his encouraging people to live by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God, or his encouragement of complete fealty to the Lord's kingdom and its duly appointed stewards. It is absolutely not about seeking a sign. Signs already follow those who believe miracles, wonders, ministering of angels, etc. We are taught this in Moroni ch. It is exactly about the point of the allegory of the tame and wild olive trees and the work and glory of our Savior.

Again, only Enoch's people succeeded where everyone else, because of unbelief have fallen short. Anyway, it is not my intention to be argumentative or to dispute.

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But there is SO much more waiting for each of us. This will probably be my last post in this thread. Just a friendly reminder that I'm not really interested in having a thread about Denver Snuffer I'm reading the link to a previous thread on him , but about receiving the Second Comforter thanks for the link! It means that as we are brought to the veil, we are sealed unto eternal life by the Savior who makes His abode with us and Who also introduces us to His Father Who also makes His abode with us. In our endowment, we are only "anointed" to become such, but that is it. This is very important in context and in contrast with those who are not only anointed, but also sealed unto those things given after we have parted the veil and received the greater gift, hence our "endowment.

Most faithful latter-day would say that they look forward to the day when they stand in the physical presence of God. Most believe that it will happen after the final judgement when they gain the Celestial Kingdom and enter into their exaltation. Because that is when they think they we become the kind of person that can stand the 'weight' of Celestial glory. However the restriction on when this happens isn't in the timing, it is in the becoming.

Scriptures show that people can and have reached this point while in their mortal life. We can too if we meet the same requirements. Third Hour Forum Rules - Please be familiar with these rules before posting. Posted April 25, For those that don't know, here is an excerpt from the book that explains what it's about: It seems that while this concept isn't really taught in church I've never heard it, though I've only been a member for 2 years , it is something that has been taught, such as in Bruce McConkie's " The Ten Blessings of the Priesthood ": Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

As for me, I won't read his books because he places himself above the Prophet. Posted April 25, edited. Oh ok, that's interesting, I'll check out the previous threads, thanks. Here in this scripture lies your answer: The point is to live in such a way that it WILL. Interesting that you mention Peter. Read reviews that mention second comforter jesus christ denver snuffer brother snuffer reading this book ever read book of mormon books i have ever latter-day saint felt like latter-day saints joseph smith latter day best books heavenly father lds church must read reading this book come unto christ of latter-day.


The Second Comforter: Conversing with the Lord Through the Veil

Showing of reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. This book means a great deal to me. It has actually been instrumental in completely restoring my faith in both God and the restoration of the Gospel message through Joseph Smith. I esteem this as one of the most important books I have ever read.

I was born in a faithful LDS family. I served a mission, married in the temple and served in many callings. Within a few years after my mission I began to be exposed to controversial aspects of my tradition that were very unsettling to me. Over the better part of a decade I lost my faith completely in Mormonism as well as God. I studied ceaselessly through those years trying to find understanding. I studied as much controversial material about LDS church history as I could trying to obtain the most impartial and truthful understanding I could.

It's worth mentioning that after my study I never thought Mormonism could be redeemed or reconciled. I never expected religion in general to win out and I especially would never expect my view of my quirky faith tradition to be so drastically and powerfully changed in such a short period of time. The events that have taken place in my life since being exposed to Denver's testimony are to me miraculous. The wisdom of this man first offended me and then proceeded to completely change my heart.

I have never seen an angel but I have received a multitude of undeniable answers from a God that I had chosen to exclude from my life for years. I have never felt so challenged and stretched but I have also never felt such spiritual vitality in my life. Denver clarifies and expounds on scriptures in a way that has brought them to life for me. He values solid scripture-based doctrine, even the doctrines that have been de-emphasized by our collective church over the centuries.

He uses the scriptures as his language to communicate important ideas. He has redirected me to a source of true abiding joy and growth. He has helped reconnect me to my personal Savior.

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This full transformation occurred over only a few days. My historical concerns and obstacles to belief disappeared in mere moments after experiencing a power that was simply enough in every way to convince me despite a multitude of previous doubts. Despite the fact that I had only a particle of faith I received an answer that completely overcame me and restored my peace and reverence. I am indebted to the work of Denver Snuffer and would encourage anyone to read this book thoughtfully and prayerfully and there will be little doubt regarding the source of revelation from which it sprang.

This book is well researched and written. However, I am not certain there is much new in it, other than the assertion that basically anyone can receive the Second Comforter Jesus. The tone is such, that Snuffer appears to conclude that if we go through his outlined steps which are derived from the scriptures, it is virtually certain that we will receive an audience with the Savior as others have done, as described in the scriptures. I am not yet confident that is correct.

Mormon Stories #836: Karen and Kirk Strong - Doctrine of Christ (Snuffer) Movement Pt. 2

Many saints have lived righteous lives and never saw the Christ. Was it only because they did not have that expectation? Was it because they didn't even know about the Second Comforter and thus lacked the faith to receive Him otherwise they would have? Or did they not have that experience just because it was not expedient in the economy of God? Many great and marvelous things are available to the saints in this life, but several of the examples of people being visited by the Savior written in the scriptures were to prophets or apostles or soon to be who were usually surprised by the unexpected experience, which appears to have had a specific purpose involving them.

Still, that does not mean that the rest of the saints are necessarily automatically excluded from receiving the Second Comforter just because of the limited examples recorded in the scriptures. It would seem that one would need enormous faith in the Redeemer, and possibly in themselves, in order for the experience to be realized. It would be so easy to say to any righteous soul who has not received the Second Comforter, that they are just not righteous enough; they just haven't followed the steps close enough or they have insufficient faith, or otherwise they would certainly have had the audience!

Is it automatic--or guaranteed? Did Snuffer just set people up for disappointment?

Receiving the Second Comforter-Personal Visit From Christ? - LDS Gospel Discussion - ThirdHour

I am not certain Snuffer has made the topic that much clearer, in spite of the significant length of his book. However, his efforts to bring believers to greater heights of holiness is admirable and worth the while, even if you never see the Son of God in mortality and who knows, you might too. See all reviews. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Conversing with the Lord Through the Veil.