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She taught us that in life we have to make our own happiness, and that when your home is filled with love, and your family is all right nothing else matters. As a teenager I use to sit on the kitchen counter while my mother cooked dinner. We would have long conversations about everything.

She taught me how to listen to others, and her relationship with me helped me create the kind of relationship I have with my children. With every word they speak and every action they take they are sharing truths with their children. Motherhood is an investment into which you deposit for years before your children realize how rich and wonderful their childhood was.

Life is made up of little moments strung together similar to the lights we hang up in our gardens. Sometimes our life is bright and shining with happiness. When all is well it seems to go by fast, when things are tough it feels as though the days drag on. But, regardless of what we are going though, life is ticking away. Search for the moments of happiness even during difficult times. Make it a point to enjoy your life and to have loving relationships with those closest to you. Live in gratitude for your blessings, and give thanks often.

We pray when we are worried, but we should also pray our thanks every day. Spend time with the right people. If you are not happy and not doing what you love, you will never feel fulfilled. Learn to recognize that struggle is part of life and that the experiences you live through will give your strength. You are stronger than you think trust that there is a reason for the misfortunes you encounter.

And on those hectic days when you are overwhelmed walk over to the sign and read it aloud. Sometimes all it takes is for someone to listen to help you feel better. Every family is different and no one ever gets it right percent of the time.

The Hidden Positive Intention (The Key to Letting Go) - Teal Swan

When you are rested and calm, you will have the energy to be a better parent. Go for a walk, soak in the tub or read a book. Life is never perfect so count on the unexpected. Focus on what working and give yourself a break. Spending time alone allows you to connect as a couple and is essential for a happy marriage. Be sure to schedule in date nights, and when possible a weekend without the children.

Give your children chores that are age appropriate and teach them that helping out is part of being a family. You are making a difference. And on those days when you feel unappreciated just know that someday your children will thank you for the sacrifices you have made. Six months after my 40th birthday, I began to get headaches every time I read.

Glasses no way, not me! I thought to myself, and ignored his advice about getting my eyes checked. A month later and after everyone in my family had told me that I was squinting when I read, I made the dreaded appointment. I felt that if I needed glasses it was like an omen of the things to come. I could envision my body deteriorating slowly falling apart. That afternoon I felt as if I had officially been initiated into the middle age group.

My glasses and I have had a long slow courtship. I now own four pair. I have one next to my computer in my office, one in the kitchen, one in my bedroom, and a pair I carry around in my purse. I am in my late fifties now, and realize how silly I was. Now I realize that aging is a gift. I have earned the wrinkles on my face, and the glasses I wear around my neck feel more like a hard earned medal.

I am a woman progressing into the next stage in life, and I feel blessed and happy to be going down this road. I saw a cartoon once in a magazine of a stick figure standing in a jail with his face pressed against the bars in front of him. He looked lost and helpless. However, if he had just turned around and looked behind him he would have realized that the rest of the jail cell had no bars.

All he had to do was turn his head and he would have been free. Many of us live life without turning our heads missing out on the things that happen around us. The more a person dwells on all the negative things in life, the less that person will have. However, the more you use the power of positive thinking the more you open yourself up to receiving. People with positive attitudes have good and bad days. They face illnesses and tragedies just like everyone else; however, they tend to live their life much more willing to accept what is happening around them.

They cry when they need to cry, and they laugh every chance they get. Positive people live life and allow their hearts to be open to all that transpires around them. Happy people give themselves a place to recharge, a place where they can be in peace. Every single one of us can choose to be happy.

The ability to choose our responses to life is available to everyone and it is the heart of what makes us human. Take the time to enjoy the blessings in your life. They are creativity, kindness, the face of love, beauty, expansion, abundance and receptivity. They are grateful and always ask themselves what they can learn from their experiences. When they make decisions concerning others, they listen and consider everything. They are always ready to find solutions to problems instead of blaming or creating chaos. Children need to learn how to be patient and bored every once in awhile.

The Four Attitudes of Happiness | Psychology Today

Give your children opportunities to help their younger siblings. When they help their siblings build a Lego tower or climb up on the sofa they gain confidence. Teach your children to deal with homework or doctor visits with a positive attitude. Intervene only when necessary. Change your attitude and get rid of the belief that everything happens to you. Like the muscles you have in your body you can also build up your happiness attitude.

My mother and I were very close. She was an affectionate and loving mother, and I adored her. She taught me that the most fulfilling job a woman can have in life is to be a good mother. I thank God everyday for the wonderful mother he blessed me with. I carry this into my business. I tell my customers as much as I know can help them make an informed decision. They are not buying just for today, I aim at building relationships. One of my distant family members always makes my day when I see her, she is so happy and smiling all the time and tells me how proud she is of me all the time, this is a lady who has been through some of the worst kinds of things in her life in the past from domestic violence to getting evicted from her home to literally selling stuff on the side of the street just to support her kids.

Yet every time you run into her she has this big, bright smile on her face and is thanking Allah God for all her blessings and lately her situation changed for the better thanks to Allah and her living conditions are excellent. One thing I could infuse more attention to and emotion into is matters related to my health, when someone tells me to do a certain exercise or diet or take certain medication I always do either neglect it or hate doing it, my health is excellent thanks to Allah, however i could really pay more attention to and do it with more love.

She sounds like a wonderful person to have in your life! A positive mental attitude is vital! I have been blessed with a naturally exuberant energy. After watching the video, the missing link appears to be in the transfer of joy.

I just expect the joy because it comes so easily to me. Just yesterday I was at my local fancy GW. Yes, I shop at Goodwill is one of my favorite pastimes. A gentleman walked up to me and my daughter asking a question. We answered and talked. He was double excited. Our energy matters and we have to be infectious. This week I will approach my team in a more joyful, yet direct manner.

A routinely visit to the oculist unexciting as it might sound was really enjoyable thanks to the good vibes and big smile of the doctor. This episode immediately reminded me of when I was 8 years old, and decided I wanted to create a school magazine. I was SO pumped about this idea I managed to get the whole teaching staff and loads of students and parents on my side and we sold out every copy month after month. The last person to totally wow me was a lady called Sonja who was telling me about a holistic garden party she was putting on in the South of France.

She was so excited about it, I got totally excited about it! As always, this is such a poignant reminder, Marie! I feel so energized by the women I work with and passionate about helping women heal their relationship with food and body. I need to shift my approach to marketing my business with the same positive energy that I bring to my actual client work. Even with something so, in theory, technical, as Facebook Ads, the results people get are so much dependent on the energy that the creator puts into their copy or their video.

It REALLY shows and comes across on the other side, creating different results depending on whether people actually REALLY wanted to be seen or heard, or if they were doing this, but secretly hoped not too many people would react because we carry some stories sometimes of what bad things would happen to us if we were to shine brightly with our genius — sounds crazy but we all do this. So as I will be recording my content for the next 3 months soon, I vouch to do exactly this: Thanks for sharing awesome content every week, Marie. You and your team are a great and very positive role model s for a lot of people out there, including myself.

How I approach training my dog. I really hope things get better with your dog. When we showed up 30 mns late. Next to the piano! No briefing from me but all the waitresses played along, and in the end it looked very spontaneous. She had no idea! I asked if I could play the piano. Played the song, popped the question, got hugs from our waitress AND some of the customers. And I am now engaged to marry my complement sent from above! Which reminds me I have to give them a great review! What a great story, and congrats to you both!

I love my job, but I deal with a lot of grumpy people, inside and outside the department. I am going to start just being my most upbeat self when appropriate and be the happiness I want in my life! I do believe the universe is sending me reminders about attitude and energy. When I think about someone who exemplifies a positive attitude, my college pastor comes to mind immediately. Pastor was and still is! He was always genuinely happy to see students and community members and hear about our experiences.

His exuberance could win over even the skeptics. I absolutely loved this episode! The guy there was the bomb! He was willing to show us and let us pet all the animals, answer all our questions and add extra info, and all with a big smile on his face. The shop is always packed and now I know why! For me, an aspect of my life I could put more effort in how I do things is definitely emails.

I think just a small shift in my attitude when answering my everyday endless queue of emails will make a great difference. Thank you for this reminder. It is so true, and sometimes, so challenging to put into place. Something to emulate for sure…. I thought this video was amazing and absolutely true. You have to show up because the act that you do is your unique way. Thank you for asking what I want to contribute. I want to give people peace. I can do better by how I show up to work and in general situations if I am willing to change and accept the fear and distaste that arises when I am overcome by a sense of people.

I work out at a particular gym and have for the past decade. It is a boxing gym and probably the preeminent one in the world. It gets pretty dirty and grimy during the course of a week and the bathrooms are the worst. One day I walked into the bathroom and the guy who cleans the place was mopping the floors, a really terrible thing to have to do. I watched him go about his work for a bit and I noticed lo and behold he was whistling. He was actually whistling. He had managed to find the joy in what he was doing amongst the dirt and sweat and garbage.

In that moment his impact on me was as much or more than anything I have encountered so far in my life. This unassuming, part of the background, quiet gentle man had shown me grace in a way I had never seen it before. He was living it.

A Positive Attitude: The World’s Most Underrated Secret To Success

His attitude transcended his physical surroundings and he deeply touched me. In some ways I felt ashamed for my attitude toward many things. I knew in an instant he was so far up the evolutionary ladder from me. Sadly he passed away a few weeks ago but the lesson he imparted to me lives on as I ALWAYS refer to that day as a living example of what beauty, grace and a Godly presence is. I can only hope that one day I may too may be that kind of example.

I have adopted this way of thinking and feeling but sometimes I falter. It is not so easy when you have bills coming in, a sick parent and you recently left your job because it was destroying you. I resigned from my job without having another. Yes, that was not a smart move at all and I more than anyone knows it. Spiritual hooky it may seem like to some and crazy stupid action to others but I know it in me that it was a move I had to make.

Through it all I am constantly reminded to stay positive in my actions and thoughts. Marie, I have always felt that my secret sauce was my PMA positive mental attitude. Lately, my personal circumstances have changed and made me quite unhappy. While I am trying to work my way out of this place I find myself in — I feel like a negative Nelly when close friends and family members ask me how I am.

My question — when is it OK to be honest and yourself with close friends and family and when are you just being a victim? To the outside world my PMA has not stopped, I believe in everything you said in the above message. But we get two messages: Be yourself, be real, be authentic and then on the other side of things — paint a rainbow, smile, no one wants to hear about your woes or worries.

In tough times you need your friends and family to support you. Thanks for this post, it really means a lot to me. I remember a similar infectious joyful service experience with a dental hygienist. I am no fan of getting my teeth cleaned but oral health is a big priority to me and so I go, dragging my heels as required. This woman was on a mission! She was patient and gentle but let me know that her passion in life is to scrape plaque off teeth. It makes me think about how I can share my own authentic passion in my new project of bring yoga for good mental health to the world using Facebook Live for the first time.

Yesterday was my first kick at it and well, everything went wrong! I told my viewers I would go live on my Facebook page at 4: I had to pull myself together. In the end, the video had good sound but my head was cut off! I try again today and I also love what you have said about progress being more important than perfection.

So I thought of that, and kept going! Thanks for these helpful motivators, please keep them coming! I am a negative attitude man.. Nothing is incredible to me. Sometimes feel energetic but many a time feels less energetic and full of agony. I see and want to see the real life pictures and wish to get motivate. At this age I extremely feel money matters and that I am lagging behind. One mistake will make a bloody end. Its who I see my past, its who I see my present and its who I see my future. Hey Marie, thanks so much for this video! Overall, indeed, I feel ya!

Pre-holidays I was so whiny about how tired I was. Then, this past weekend, I spent a day with a new acquaintance and she whined constantly… it was exhausting! Thank you for the reminder that we have an influence on others and maintaining a positive attitude is just another form of social responsibility. Attitude as a form of social responsibility—love it! Thank you for sharing such an important episode! Let me elucidate it a bit more; when you come across any stranger, there are emissions like magnetic radiations between the two simply called vibrations under a natural process.

These vibrations at times are in harmony and sometimes not so. That is why when you just see some one you develop a liking without reasons and the converse of the same is also very true. However, when it is expressed by warm articulations, it is called a win-win situation. To conclude, if I come across Marie one on one; her and my personality charisma is that we would be so loving with each other as we had a long loving, adorable and cherishing relationship since centuries- I say it with complete positivity. I am sure you would agree, else try it out….

I wish we get closer more than what our souls feel at this moment With earnest and warm love! Thank you so much for sharing this great story, Muhammad! Great video this morning. Would love to see you track this gentleman down and do a follow up with him.

An interview with him would be awesome. Thanks Marie for all your beautiful contributions! My husband and I will never forget the concrete pump truck driver that showed up to help us with our house foundation 21 years ago. He was so excited about his business, about his job and about all things to do with concrete. It was obvious that he loved what he did and was always looking for ways to improve! His energy and enthusiasm is embedded in our minds pardon the pun — we still remember him, with enthusiasm, from over 2 decades ago! For the 2nd part, thanks for the wake up call!

I hold Creative Retreats that are a HUGE amount of work mostly ahead of time and behind the scenes because I try to truly pamper the attendees. The energy of holding retreats sometimes exhausts my reserves even before the 1st student arrives! As I listened to your video, I realized my attitude and energy are more important than whether every speck of dust is cleaned up and more vital than whether there are 2 or 4 gourmet salads for lunch!

Sometimes, I wow myself.

I am a walking, talking ray of glory. I light up the grocery store line. Thank you for reminding me of the true light that is my highest self. It is my choice to let it shine or to hide it in fear. But this reminded me that there is room for true joy, service to others, and laughter in EVERY career. Congrats on transitioning into your new career, Leslie! Hi Marie, In response to your first question, I have a childhood friend.

He had many odds to face in his life as his father died when he just completed college and going to attend University. We studied together , played together. I have learnt to take the motion which i like most and I have interest on it. I am soft and emotional about my parents and my family. Eventually, their thoughts make me shifted from my future plan and my interests. Apart from that I always choose what is right for me. By doing that I may loose or win. Whatever is the outcome ,I will be glad to accept it.

I enjoyed your video on how one comes over to other people by ones attitude— but Marie I feel you use your hands and arms to emphasize a point far too much. As a language instructor, I have learned when and when not to use my hands and arms. I hope you are not offended by this remark- I say it as it is my opinion! This is such a great concept to be reminded of! However, what happens when we are just not feeling the love to give? Oh my God I need it this message today… i will stay on my game do what I love so much and do it with positive attitude….

I pride myself in keeping a smile on my face and a positive attitude no matter what happens at work or whenever in public. I work as a Barista, and since coffee is one of the first things people run after at the start of their day, I feel it is important that they are also getting a dose of good vibes served with their AM espresso.

People walked out feeling grumpy and oftentimes would not return again. Eventually we replaced our staff with a much more upbeat gang and ended up having loyal customers that would return nearly every morning, were always commenting on how smiley and cheerful our staff was, and who seemed to be happier each and every time they returned. How you present yourself is SO important. I am honored and still a bit shocked by her willingness to be of service.

I know I am contagious. I am still trying to find a way to reach my demographic. My passion lies with high risk youth.

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Thank you so much for this timely message, sat nam lil siSTAR!!!!!! AND to all my tribe members. I have never seen such a kind nurse in my life and im excited to deliver my baby at that hospital. I work in a bank and believe me, in my work environment nothing seems to motivate me, because regardless of the hard work and good service delivery, my efforts seem unnoticed and this is one thing that makes me unhappy at work. After todays video, i will do my best regardless of the treatment i get..

Then l stopped a guy who gave me all that l needed. To be honest, you can not determine the response you will get at any good gesture you offer. I have resolved that everyday of my life from now henceforth l must project a good gesture. I wanted to comment about my account attitude towards a big meeting I have coming up in which I have to advocate for myself through showcasing my research.

I know that during this meeting my attitude will have a big impact. Do you have any tips on how to shield myself from his negative attitude? Most of my friends and even my husband wanted to know if I was ok at first, it was funny. I laugh more and so does everyone else. Hi Marie, Another wonderful episode as usual! I often think of people with whom I connect in terms of Winnie the Pooh characters — goodness knows why, but I think someone once used a Winnie the Pooh character as an analogy and it resonated with me.

So, how I connect to folks who show Eeyore characteristics or Tigger characteristics you get the picture is part of how I conducted myself unknowingly until I took notice! However, this allows me to understand the basic characteristics or archetypes of certain folks so that I can resonate with them. Thank you for your continued wisdom: I am working on smiling more, because I want to be remembered like my Great Aunt, whom we lovingly referred as Auntie.

A couple of years before she passed away, I was watching her, sitting serenely in her chair, in the retirement home. The smile never left her mouth. I wondered how that was even possible, and then it dawned on me, years of practice. And so many people loved her, and admired her specifically for her positive attitude with that ready smile. I plan to try this more with my perfectionist husband. He has up to 20 kids ranging from 8 — 12 years and they spend the entire hour of class smiling and doing their best for him.

He also has the parents watching and throws in jokes and comments that make us smile too. If I had to work on one area of my life that I need to be more positive about though it is my own health and fitness. I got used to putting myself last but I am slowly changing this and looking after myself more. Thanks for another fab video and very timely reminder that no matter how much I am already doing on the positivity front, I can always do more! Thanks so much, Marie. He actually teaches a tool that your listeners can learn that will teach them how not to give meanings to events and further, events actually have no inherent meaning.

When the meaning goes away, the emotion goes away. When the emotion goes away, you can handle things with grace and in a positive way. When my daughter was a teenager she would say things to me and I would get angry. It totally transformed our relationship. Thanks for all the you do to make the world a better place Warmly, Shelly Lefkoe. It was a good reminder for me. I always remember 12 years ago, I was working in an office and there was an amazing cleaning lady? She was so warm and I was very young. So she asked and I was so happy to find someone to talk to.

And even better, the next day, when I arrived in the morning, I had a beautiful daisy in my desk, oh my God, I almost cried, it was so nice. It was 12 years ago and I still remember it like if it was yesterday. And because you ask, I think the area that might profundly shif if I focus on my positive attitude is of course during my rehearsals. The reponse is immediate!!! A woman who helped me via phone when a payment I was supposed to receive was super delayed. Then I finally found this woman and she made me feel like the most important person in the world and was so kind. She complimented my name, made sure I understood what happened, and told me my request was on the top of her list.

It made me feel so great! Also with my partner, I feel like I can always do more to show him how much I love and respect him! Another great episode full of insights that I needed. My first example of positive energy and attitude is you Marie and your team. Second example is the hair stylist I met last year in a salon. She was enthusiastic, friendly and with a good and big heart. We had a great conversation. She suggested me different hair styles and cuts.

I just wanted a simple hair trim so she did it and reduced the price since, it was too simple for her. I gave her the tips. I need to bring this positive energy and enthusiasm in every area of life work life, social life and personal life. Making new friends is my big challenge so I have to bring this energy while making conversation with people. Hi Marie, This was a great reminder, as all of your videos are.

I told her I loved it and placed it in a very special place, near baby Jesus, in my Nativity. Oh, the joy she expressed! She was thrilled I had picked the absolute best place for her gift to be displayed. Expressing such joy, is what everyone needs to experience as a giver and receiver. I adore this sparkly little fire-cracker! Sometimes we get so stuck in our routines, conversations, etc. I will start this today! Hi Marie and Team, years ago 2 friends gave me special neckles as a present.

At this time I thought wow they realy must love the way I am. I was very thankful and appreciate it but At this time my ego was proud. Over the years I studied a lot about positive atitude, true love and so on but the most importend I learned about consciousness. I mean I was a very positiv and energetic person but I was not aware of it. I thought there must be somthing wrong with me. But now I stand up for myself share all my true love and get so much nice compliments.

This was great info that I know… but often forget! I remembered one colleague in my previous workplace, she is a polio patient and works as an assistant in my office to deal with some chores such as cleaning office, delivering documents…there is always a sweetest smile on her face. She greets everyone with energy and kindness everyday. I admire her attitude toward life so much. Thanks, Marie, for reminding me of this friend and this key to success!

I was at Starbucks the other day…I pulled up to the window and BAM, the barista blasted me with her gorgeous, contagious energy. I went back to work not only with the energy from the coffee, but from her energy alone. I could tell she was having the same effect on her co-workers and the other customers. I could benefit from adding more energy and genuine enthusiasm to the relationships in my life.

Or maybe we just take it for granted! I always feel like struggeling to keep a positive attitude, and i have changed my job many times though i always find a way to prove to myself that it is a pointless job and everything about it is just meaningless and stupid knowing that i am an engineer and probably those jobs are sophisticated enough and not stupid at all But still i always have this negative attitude that down sizes anything good i do and make me think that it is pointless and stupid and i am never proud of anything i do , which of course sooner or later makes people look at me the same way and underestimate me.

I really want to get out of this cycle especially that i am 29 yo now and changed my field of work already three times and planning to do a fourth change.

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Marie, this is excellent. Sometimes we forget that what we do is important enough to focus on how we do it. I have the best business mentor in the world. I work in the investment and insurance industry. Our approach is different. Our company does financial planning, and using investments and insurance as tools. We are client-centered and we strive to build a comprehensive, bulletproof plan for our clients, educating them along the way.

My mentor never assumes any negative outcomes or feelings, even when potential clients express discomfort, negativity, doubt, and fear towards finances in general. She is the most gregarious, generous person with high standards, and she delivers high quality to every person she comes across in her life. She often takes me out to high end restaurants with money out of her own pocket, and is enthusiastic to listen to anything I have to say. She treats everyone really well, no matter who they are and she does not calculating about relationships. I am working on myself in many ways.

One of the things I believe I need to work on is to show the right amount of vulnerability. It will help me connect better with my clients and the people around me, as well as become a stronger influence. Not entirely new, but then you never pretend to have invented anything out of thin air, which I like.

Thank you for the reminders we all need Buddhism calls this a Sangha, I suppose: Thank you for bringing me those gentle increments of joy and useful reminders! From my heart, Matthias. She was so present and so in touch with herself, it was amazing! I can be gracious, caring, and make sure I really mean what I say. Ideals are dangerous, as they encourage us to be something impossible to maintain, perhaps impossible for us to be. Looking to the natural world for example, guidance. Yes the sun does feel good and is necessary for life, for living.

Water is also essential for life, and sun vaporizes it. There are lots of stars, planets etc. Everyone cannot be the life of the party. Think how boring that would be. Found that I had wrong debit card on me and no cash. Very embarrassed as long queue of people behind me and I said that I was so sorry but would have to put all the goods back. Best customer service ever and he proved there were some good Samaritans in the world! Ps I paid him back the next morning. Reminded me of my high school English teacher. Thanks for reminding me to be more like her. I am currently project managing a building project and the foreman can be a REAL downer!

I just realised how much that affects me and how that negative vibe is contagious. What I find with great distaste is the distaste of others being happy. Do what you want. But understand some possibly quite a few may not like that. You can do it! Truly a great gentle reminder to always be kind.

I own a business that exemplifies and encourages people to be happy, calm, and and feel rejuvenated. Negativity breeds negativity… choose to spread happiness! I had a similar experience when I was visiting NY! I have since used this example every time I deliver service training. We stumbled upon a street vendor in Manhattan and I was blown away by his enthusiasm and genuine love of what he was doing. He was selling sunglasses!

It was such a life lesson for me- loving life and what we do is possible with a change in attitude. I infuse my work with reverence and this customer could literally taste the difference. Thanks so much for the inspiration! Great reminder…to look in the mirror and reply the audios of my complaints of what happened to me by moving into a small town. It did cause me to realize that I had gotten sucked down…pruned…forged in the fire. It has been interesting how your free YouTube videos are one way that God and my guardian angels seemed to help me stay making progress against a very stacked deck!

Thanks for spreading positivity and being a Queen B…you are so photogenic and full of great energy…fit to B Queen Bee! It is time to help the world turn that into healthy DESSERTS and be sweet, playful, innovative… with our concerted effort so it can be second nature until it comes naturally. I took a friend of mine to the supermarket to do grocery shopping. We collected the items required and paid for our purchases separately. Without any indication the packer decided to alternate the bags with my stuff having a white bag on the outside and her bags having an orange bag on the outside.

When we got to the car we did not have to search the bags to see what belonged to whom — he had thought ahead. I was so impressed with his thoughtfulness that I gave him a sizeable tip. What would change in my life if my attitude changed, would be the way I feel at the end of each day after an unproductive day at the office. I am learning however to fill up my days with learning new things coaching, meditation and the like so that I could have that change in my world perspective.

Kids roll into each other when they laugh. As a writer I find that a shift in energy lives on the page. Great episode, thanks heaps, have an epic day! Typically buses have a designated corner where the students meet, but whenever there was inclement weather, he would deliver students right to their driveway! Additionally, he not only greeted all students by name, but also their parents, with a great big smile. We always think of him and smile! Generally, I am an extremely upbeat, high energy, people person, but lately my work has got me down.

Business has changed which required roles to change and it is not something I am particularly passionate about and actually dread doing. However, if I attempt to put my energetic personality back into it, perhaps I can get through the day much more successfully and become much happier as well! Let me give that a try! Having a loving kind compassionate midwife made all the difference in the world to giving birth feeling safe instead of fearful.

It really does make a difference. Thank you for a great reminder on the effects our own attitude has. I will try to keep remembering to take it into my parenting where the impact of attitude is so important. Thank you Marie X. Two years ago, I sold my house and at the end I was left with no place to stay. This was after I was approached by an agency who was just happy to sell my house but was not interested in me as a person. We had agreed she would also help us get a new place to stay. Towards the end of the sale, we were clear in our minds, we would never work with this agency again.

Her attitude towards me and my husband — her clients had changed. We were no longer sure whether she was still our agency or not. We found a different agency who not only helped us find a new home but showed genuine interest in us as a people and our needs. At the end of any house sale, a housing agency wants their share of money right?

No, this one was interested in getting us a home, appropriate to our needs. When it seemed like we were going to lose our dream home because we were not able to raise sufficient funds for the house, she always encouraged us that there is a solution to every problem. We did not know how we were going to make this works. We learnt late that she had negotiated with her company owner for help. The company owner made an offer we never heard of anywhere else. She offered to forfeit her share of the pay out for months so we can pay off the lawyers. She then made a deal with us to repay her later.

She did not know us from a bar of soap. She just believed we would pay. Today we live in our own home, and we share a beautiful relationship with our agency and the company owner. Recently, we shared dinner with these two great women. Since then, we have been referring any friends we know of, who are looking for homes to the same agency — because we know, they will find caring people who are not only interested in a house sale, but will show genuine interest in them as a people and their needs.

I wish I would show a positive attitude towards my admin work and those involved in it. I love organising conversations and sharing with people and organisations about the work that I do. I find myself always complaining about what has not been done. Perhaps, if I showed up every day with a bit of smile, I would not be seeing so much that is not happening. I guess my expectations on myself and others are always too high. In the process, I tend to miss out on important things in life, the people around me.

What area of your life might profoundly shift if you focused more attention on your positive attitude, meaning you focused on how you did something, rather than just going through the motions? My business for sure — focusing now on the solutions, rather than letting myself bothered by the problems. Shout out to the woman in the toll booth at RDU Airport.

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The last time I left I actually waited in line to pay YOU because you are such a shining light of joy. Marie — I had so many of the same thoughts you just shared after passing through her toll both. That woman was like a benevolent queen sitting on her throne taking my dollar bills. I thought about her for days, especially when I heard myself whining about something stupid.

The response is almost always the same — joy and gratitude for unsolicited and genuinely positive human connection. I was just thinking about this the other day, after I was wowed by the cashier at the fast food drive through. She was, and had been every time I interacted with her before, a joy.

She made me smile. My day was better for her having been in it. I mean an extraordinary person. I remember something I used to say back when I was in the habit of thinking of things to say. Take pride in your work and be happy.